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Namibia | Skeleton Coast Fishing Safari

“Its vast landscape might seem harsh, deserted and even intimidating, but once you look closer, you'll notice a unique ecosystem that thrives in this challenging environment. The more you spend time here, the more you'll fall in love with the special beauty of the Skeleton Coast and carry a piece of its wild spirit with you forever.”  Evan Naude - adventure journalist

Highlights include:     Skeleton Coast National Park / Skeleton Coast Concession Area / Visit to the Kunene River Mouth / Dune Driving / Spectacular landscapes / Birding, Game Viewing and Fishing at Kunene Mouth / Puros Conservancy

tour duration 7 Days
from R17,500
next trip 11 Mar 2021
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The Skeleton Coast is like no other place on Earth and a journey to this remote untamed coastline is a dream adventure for most nature lovers. But imagine wild fishing in this unexplored coastline.... now that’s a BUCKET LIST ADVENTURE that’s been on our hit list for many years. We are extremely excited to offer our Bhejane Tribe the opportunity of a lifetime!   Previously restricted for fishing, this concession is now available to us and through longstanding relations we have gained entrance to an extraordinary landscape and coastal wonderland. We have joined forces with a trusted Namibian operator & have been provided with limited FISHING permits for the area.

A support vehicle carries the logistics crew who make your adventure as comfortable as possible. Even though this self-drive adventure can at times get quite exciting and definitely won't be a walk in the park, our experienced team always adhere to safe off-road driving techniques. The knowledge is shared with you, whether you're an experienced driver or not, since navigating the wilderness in your own vehicle is a great part of the experience. In the case of any hiccups our team is equipped with the necessary recovery equipment and trained to assist with safe off-road recoveries. 

Wholesome meals and traditional dishes are part of our DNA. One of the most important team members is our highly experienced bush chef. You'll never have to worry about the next meal since our chef prepares three meals a day in his mobile camp kitchen, often on open fire. On the diverse menu you'll find fresh bread and salads, potjiekos, braai's, hearty breakfasts and more than a few other tasty surprises. As is our custom, the trusty old koffiepot can always be found on the fire slowly warming the next brew. 


IMPORTANT TO KNOW: this is a true adventure safari & we will be camping wild, far from the crowds, but close to nature - an absolute must for wild-fishing enthusiasts.


All camp fees & park entrance fees
All meals
Park entrance fees
Professional guide
Tea & coffee
Tented Accommodation
Two-way radio communication


Border Crossing fees & road taxes
Guide Gratuity
Out of country medical emergency evacuation cover

Tour Dates

11 Mar 2021 - 17 Mar 2021 - R17,500.00

Day 1

Ugab River to Möwe Bay

Your guide will be waiting for you in front of the iconic skull and crossbones gate of the Skeleton Coast National Park's Ugab River Entrance. The meeting time is between 13:00 and 14:00. Please ensure that you have completed all the necessary logistical details (fueling vehicles, mechanical checks, filling Jerry cans and water containers, stocking snacks and drinks, fishing license, bait and tackle etc.) before your arrival.

You would have seen the public part of the Skeleton Coast on your drive up from Swakopmund, but from here on out civilization is left behind. We travel north to the secluded Terrace Bay resort where we refuel one last time before continuing to the last outpost in the park, Möwe Bay. Here we spend our first evening around a welcoming campfire where we get to know our fellow travelers and the crew. The route itinerary is discussed and you'll find out what to expect on the route ahead.

Day 2

Möwe Bay to the Kunene River mouth

After breakfast we head north once again, but this time there's no more road. The off-road adventure begins and your guide will navigate a route that will include pure beach driving and some sandy conditions, depending on the tides. We cross the Hoarusib and Khumib Rivers where they finally reach the ocean after a long journey through Kaokoland. On we venture, ever northward past the Sarusas crystal mine, the remnants of Strand Loper settlements, the weather station at Angra Fria, vast salt pans and the site of the Skeleton Coast's most famous shipwreck, the Dunedin Star.

We continue on to Bosluis Bay from where it is a short push to the mouth of the mighty Kunene. It's time for celebration: You've reached the most north-western corner of Namibia!

Our camp is a short distance south of the river mouth. By the time you arrive your tent will be pitched and the coffee pot brewing on the fire. After sundowners we chat about the schedule for the next three days.

Day 3, 4 & 5

Kunene River mouth area

To fully appreciate the magnificence of the area we spend three full days at the Kunene River mouth. Some of our activities, such as fishing, will be dependent on tides and weather conditions and our daily schedule will be planned accordingly.

We'll visit the river mouth on several occasions at different times of day, giving you ample opportunity to experience the vibrance of wildlife that can be found here. Keep an eye out for more than 72 different bird species, sea turtles feeding in the shallow water and even the odd sunbathing Nile crocodile.

The area around our camp is home to some of the largest and most challenging dunes on the entire Skeleton Coast. Over the next three days we will explore this exceptional sea of sand and put your sand driving skills to the test.

Naturally, one of the highlights of this tour is the opportunity to fish in and around the Kunene River mouth. Your guide has experience of the fishing waters in the region and will plan daily excursions accordingly to maximize your chances of snagging a super kabeljou. And when you get back to camp, sit back and relax. For the next three days you'll feel like you're the only people in the world.

Day 6

Kunene River mouth to Puros

After three full days, it is with a heavy heart that we finally say goodbye to the Kunene. A nutritious breakfast will fuel your body before we depart south with the Atlantic Ocean on our right-hand side for the first time.

Our route takes us back to Angra Fria where we turn inland over vast gravel plains, past the lesser-known Munutum River and on to the Khumib. Here we follow the river east for a short while and soon exit the Skeleton Coast National Park and enter the Puros Conservancy. We get a glimpse of the landscapes of southern Kaokoland as we make our way to Puros. Driving conditions vary from sandy riverbeds tracks to rocky jeep tracks, yet the drive remains very scenic.

Our campsite for the evening is situated under the shade of massive camelthorn and Ana trees on the riverbank of the Hoarisib River. From your camp chair your chances of spotting wildlife such as springbok, giraffe and even elephants are good, so keep your camera within reach.

It is here that we gather around a warm campfire one last time for a special supper. The adventure may be over, but the memories will last a lifetime!

Day 7

Farewell, until next time

Our intrepid chef pulls out all the stops to send you off with a mouth-watering breakfast. After saying our goodbyes we bid you farewell and lend a helping hand to get you on the road to your next destination. The nearest fuel station is at Sesfontein from where the rest of Namibia awaits.

From here choice is yours: Where to next?


• A qualified and experienced guide
• A qualified and experienced support crew and chef
• Two-way radios to all vehicles
• Wind shelter, shower & toilet facilities
• 3 Meals per day
• All cutlery and crockery (we also do the washing up!)
• Water (for kitchen use only)
• Tents. We set up and break down your tent and the camp every day.


• Mattress, sleeping bag, bedding, camp chairs, folding table (small)
• One bag wood per vehicle
• Shade
• Water for own consumption (minimum 20ltrs) as well as for showering/washing on the first evening where we are wild camping. Drinking water is only available again at Puros.
• Beverages, alcoholic drinks & snacks

(Speak to our booking office for a comprehensive list)


You do not need any previous sand or rock driving experience


You must drive a four-wheel-drive vehicle with good ground clearance, low range and a rear differential lock
The tyres on your vehicle cannot be low profile road tyres. Ensure it is fitted with high profile floating tyres with good off-road capabilities


Petrol vehicles: 2.5 - 3km per liter
Diesel vehicles: 4km per liter
Therefore, please make sure you that your vehicle carries at least 260 liters of petrol or 220 liters of diesel (inclusive of what is in your on-board fuel tanks)


You will need sufficient fuel to cover a total distance of approx. 1 150km (Swakopmund to Sesfontein). The last opportunity for refueling is at Terrace Bay, about 370km from Swakopmund


Purchase a recreational fishing license from the authorities of Henties Bay before heading north.
Your own equipment, fishing tackle and bait.
You can buy everything you need in Henties Bay.
Don't bring raw supplies through the border.


Yes, definitely - You need to arrange your own travel insurance and medical evacuation cover in case of a medical emergency.