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Our New Mountain Bike Tours


It's time to get out of your easy chair and into the saddle.  So many of you have asked, for so many years, that Bhejane puts its logistics capabilities to mountain bike tours.  Our concern has always been that our expertise lies in 4X4-ing and not mountain biking.  We have now partnered with South Africa's leading mountain bike and trail running stage race events company, Dryland Events, to give birth to our new mountain biking touring company, DRYLAND RIDE


Just like our 4X4 tours, Dryland Ride is for the whole family, with a hop-on, hop-off support vehicle for those who don't want to pedal the whole way.  The experience is guided with qualified bike mechanics and first aid personnel on hand at all times.  As per usual, the Bhejane logistics team will be doing the catering, camp set-ups and comfort checks for the nights that we are not in lodges.


We have launched with tours in the Karoo, the Garden Route, the Cedarberg, Lesotho and Namibia. 


Our other option is to get together a group of your friends and family, tell us where you would like to ride, and we'll do the rest.


For more information contact Rene on +27 44 279 1013 or +27 82 855 6015 or info@drylandride.co.za or visit the website www.drylandride.co.za


What the Media Have to Say




With the South African mountain bike stage race market reaching a level of maturity and, some might even say, saturation, Dryland Event Management has collaborated with Bhejane 4x4 Adventures to launch Dryland Ride.


The joint venture combines the event credentials of Dryland Event Management, a leading mountain bike and trail-running event company, and Bhejane 4x4 Adventures, an organisation that guides 4x4 self-drive experiences in Southern Africa, to add another level to the mountain biking experience – touring.

The mountain bike tours will have access to exclusive routes in the areas that Dryland utilises for its highly successful mountain biking and trail running events as well as certain concessions Bhejane holds in South Africa and neighbouring countries.


Dryland Ride has also secured a media partnership with Media 24’s travel and lifestyle magazines, Weg and Go to offer the local adventurous tourist access to never-before ridden areas.


“The aim of Dryland Ride is to provide the tourist with an alternative to a mountain bike race, with the same thrill, at half the pace. The whole family can now enjoy the ride together. We’re putting adventure back into mountain biking, because we feel that its been gradually minimised by the seriousness of racing,” said Henco Rademeyer of Dryland Event Management.


“By partnering with Bhejane 4x4 Adventures, we’re able to combine our knowledge of the mountain biking market with their experience in organising adventure tours. We feel that there’s a growing number of South African mountain bikers that want to enjoy multi-day riding experiences in beautiful places, but without the pressure and rigidity of a stage race. Dryland Ride packages will offer just that,” added Rademeyer.


Dryland Ride has also established a partnership with Weg and go!, South Africa’s leading adventure and travel magazine.

“Weg and go! is the largest travel magazine in South Africa, and we’ve built our success on the trust our readers have for us. We travel like they do, pay our own way like they do, and we do the things that they want to do, and then write honestly about our experiences so they can emulate them. When we put our name and reputation behind something or partner with someone, like we’ve done with the guys from Dryland Ride, we’re satisfied that our readers are going to love these very special tours,” said Pierre Steyn, editor-in-chief of Weg and go! magazine.


“Our readers are adventurous and they love the outdoors. They’re increasingly interested in the kind of experience that the Dryland Ride offers them, which is why we’ve been involved in the conceptualising of the itinerary from the outset. We’ve done the routes and we know it’s something readers can enjoy – challenging yet attainable and fun,” said Pierre Steyn, Editor of Weg and go!.


“It’s a logical next step for us to be working together with Dryland. They’ve got the respect and attention of the South African mountain bike market and we’ve got the experience and access to bring mountain bikers close to nature in a non-competitive environment,” said Frank Carlisle, founder and owner of Bhejane 4x4 Adventures.


“As an ex wilderness trails guide, conservation appreciation is a priority for me. We also focus firmly on family experiences, which requires a high level of respect and responsibility, a foundation on which our business has been built. With Dryland Ride, we’re changing the mode of transport from 4x4 vehicles to mountain bikes, an exciting prospect that we’re looking forward to,” added Carlisle.


The Dryland Ride tour packages range from four to 10 days in duration and currently include the following:

• Karoo Passes and Poorts – 4 days
• Garden Route Ramble – 4 days
• Cape Winelands and Koue Bokkeveld – 5 days
• Lesotho Tour – 6 days
• Namibia Tour – 10 days