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The vision behind Bhejane:


Having been involved with Black Rhino conservation in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park, Frank Carlisle, the owner and founder of Bhejane 4x4 Adventures, has recognised the need for the company to commit to a project that benefits Black Rhino ("BHEJANE") conservation throughout Southern Africa.


The Black Rhino represents one of Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park's greatest success stories, having been brought back from the brink of extinction. Through sound conservation practices, black rhino numbers in the park have increased to the extent that they are able to serve as a pool to stock areas in Southern Africa where they previously occurred. "Bhejane" is the Zulu name for Black Rhino and its success story is the inspiration behind Bhejane 4x4 Adventures.


Frank, and a number of the senior guides that are involved with Bhejane 4X4 Adventures, have worked as game rangers all over Southern Africa, from the Natal Parks Board to Kruger National Park and Botswana. Understanding the dedication and commitment of colleagues still at the forefront of conservation, Bhejane Adventures has committed to support, through funding, the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa (GRAA).


The GRAA’s vision is to “commit itself to the protection, conservation and, where possible, restoration of Africa’s biodiversity and the continued existence of its wilderness for the benefit of present and future generations”. The organization is dedicated to “applying best practice management principles in conserving Africa’s natural resources in a professional and ethical manner.”


Rex the Rhino


Hi. I'm Rex. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the new face and voice for Bhejane Adventures and will be sharing stories from our travels, news from our men on safari and interesting snippets and photographs of the magnificent places that we visit.

The idea of me becoming part of this team was born from their discovery of a wonderful community project in the Karoo and Garden Route, founded by Paul and Renee Leger. Animals and dolls are created by ladies from poorer communities near Calitzdorp and Plettenberg Bay. These creations are sewn by hand, with love and dedication using traditional, beautiful shwe-shwe fabrics and fabric off-cuts donated by local businesses. On discovering this gem, the Bhejane team immediately adopted me.

Aside from joining the Bhejane and Mpafa boys on safari and visiting the places of refuge for his kind, I will also be contributing to conservation programmes through fundraising and donations.

For now, welcome to my world and to the new "kid on the block" with the Bhejane team. I look forward to hearing your feedback and comments. Enjoy and happy safaris!

With love for all things wild.

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