• Central Kalahari Lion

Central Kalahari Botswana

9 February to 16 February 2020
Cost: R13,950.00 per person sharing (children under 10 @ 50%)

18 February to 25 February 2020
Cost: R13,950.00 per person sharing (children under 10 @ 50%)

6 night / 7 day (TENTED ADVENTURE)

The Adventure

Nothing prepares you for the immensity of this reserve, nor its wild, mysterious beauty. There is the immediate impression of unending space and having the entire reserve to yourself.


Waist-high golden grasses seem to stretch interminably, punctuated by dwarfed trees and scrub bushes. Wide and empty pans appear as vast white stretches of saucer-flat earth, meeting a soft, blue-white sky. At night the stars utterly dominate the land; their brilliance and immediacy are totally arresting.


The Central Kalahari game Reserve (CKGR) is the largest, most remotely situated reserve in Southern Africa, and the second largest wildlife reserve in the world, encompassing 52 800 sq kms.


During and shortly after good summer rains, the flat grasslands of the reserve’s northern reaches teem with wildlife, which gather at the best grazing areas. These include large herds of springbok and gemsbok, as well as wildebeest, hartebeest, eland and giraffe.


At other times of the year, when the animals are more sparsely distributed, the experience of travelling through truly untouched wilderness, of seemingly unending dimensions, is the draw.


Please note that this is a true adventure safari as we will be bush camping almost every night. However, the Bhejane crew will make it as comfortable as possible.



Day 1:

Today our magical adventure through the Central Kalahari begins. After we have met at Ghanzi we will drive to Grassland Bushman Lodge.  Our bush chef will be preparing your first delicious meal and your evening is spent socializing around the fire and getting to know one another.

Day 2:

Today we all pack up and leave for Piper pan where we will stay for one night. We will enter park at Xade Gate. When we arrive at camp, our tents will be ready and waiting for us, with tea and coffee ready.  

Day 3, 4, 5:

After early morning coffee and rusks, you may go further afield and do a game drive to enjoy what the Piper Pan has to offer. After breakfast we will pack up and we head north, for three nights in the Deception valley area. It is a beautiful day's drive through some of the most amazing grasslands and we will stop for lunch en route.  

We will spend the next three days travelling through one of the wildest and most remote places in Southern Africa.  The roads will consist of two-spoor tracks, cutlines, and bush driving through savannah grasslands of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.  The area is renowned for its low lying pans, where giant eland, springbok, gemsbok and the famous Kalahari lions come to quench their thirst.  We will be in an area where the game has free access to wilderness more than twice the size of the Kruger National Park.  Except for the rustic vehicle tracks, there is nothing else man-made and, without light pollution, the heavenly night skies and solitude will take your breath away.

For these three nights we will be camping wild, alongside some of the magnificent salt pans, listening to the silence and sounds of the night time wilds.


Days 6 & 7:

After Breakfast We will all travel to Matswere Gate on the Eastern side of the Park where we will travel on a sandy cutline towards the Nxai Pan National Park where we will stay for two nights. 

Nxai Pan itself is an extensive grass plain, part, once again, of the old lake bed, which is more generously covered with acacia trees. In the south of Nxai Pan, Baines' Baobabs comprise a clump of large baobab trees, rendered immortal in 1862 by painter Thomas Baines, a member of Livingstone's expedition.


Day 8:

After a lavish breakfast, we must sadly pack up and head for home. We will bid our travelling companions farewell.  From here, it is approximately 19km on sandy road to the A3 road between Maun and Nata.